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Fall Activities

Fall Vacations in Canada's Capital

Get ready to fall in love this season in Ottawa.

As the leaves change to colours of golden reds, radiant yellows and vibrant oranges, Ottawa presents fabulous opportunities to experience the beauty of autumn. Check out the calendar of fall festivals in Canada's Capital Region, or indulge in gourmet cuisine featuring local fall harvest.

Food at the Market
Savour Ottawa

For a true taste of Ottawa this fall, look for the "Savour Ottawa" logo when you dine out. When you see "Savour Ottawa," you're guaranteed the restaurant uses only local agricultural products.
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Labyrinth at Saunders Farm
Saunders Farm

Saunders Farm is your destination for some spooky Halloween fun. Located in the old township of Goultron, plan a day at the 100-acre farm and get lost in the world's largest selection of hedge mazes.
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Hot Air Balloon Festival
Fall Fests

Surround yourself in radiant fall colours during Fall Rhapsody. Feed your passion for gourmet food at the Ottawa's Wine and Food Show or get lost in the animated world of the Ottawa Animation Festival.
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Haunted Walks
Haunted Walks

Join Ottawa's most popular walking tours for a ghostly adventure. Explore the city's haunted past and listen to ghostly tales as you are guided through the quiet dark streets of Ottawa.
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