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Spring Activities

Spring Vacations in Canada's Capital

Experience spring fever in downtown Ottawa.

With warm temperatures, blossoming countryside and fresh starts in abundance, spring is in the air. Explore Canada's Capital through culture, science, art, history and nature with world-class museums and galleries in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Outside, the spring season offers plenty of reasons for celebration, including the Canadian Tulip Festival.

Gatineau Park
Gatineau Park

Explore the great outdoors while hiking some of the park's 165 kilometres of trails or cycling down winding roads, all while enjoying panoramic views of the countryside. Stop by the Visitor Centre to discover more options including horseback riding.
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Mackenzie King Estate
Mackenzie King Estate

Visit Canada's 10th prime minister's estate in Gatineau Park and discover his passion for horticulture, landscaping and beautiful gardens. The Mackenzie King Estate is also the site to many spring and summer events.
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Spring festival
Spring Festivals & Events

With almost 1,000,000 tulips in blossom, the city shows its myriad of colours every spring. Great minds discuss many of today's leading issues and marathon runners battle slush and winds. You'll quickly discover there's a lot going on around Canada's Capital.
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Guided tours
Guided Tours in Canada's Capital Region.

Find plenty of ways to explore Canada's Capital region. For exercise, join a walking or biking tour. Be romantic with a carriage ride or get an exceptional view of the city in a hot air balloon!
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Stay in one of Ottawa's largest hotel suites.

Plan ahead and take advantage of our year-round & seasonal hotel packages for your next trip to Canada's Capital. Book your suite online or call toll-free at 1-800-267-6644.