Canadian Privacy Statement

The Albert at Bay Suite Hotel's commitment to your privacy.

Meeting the needs and expectation of our customers has always been our highest priority and that includes protecting your privacy. We have prepared this privacy statement to describe our information handling procedures as they relate to the requirements of Canadian privacy legislation, notable the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, passed into law in 2000. This statement applies to the privacy at the Albert at Bay Suite Hotel.

We encourage you to read this disclosure to understand how we use your personal information to provide the services you request and inform you about special offers and promotions. You have a choice in how your information is used, and our commitment to use your information responsibly. We also encourage you to contact us directly should you have any privacy concerns, questions or suggestions. In addition to speaking to the Front Desk staff at the hotel, we offer you three ways to contact us. You can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send a fax to 1-613-238-1433 or send a letter to:

The Albert at Bay Suite Hotel
435 Albert Street
Ottawa, ON
K1R 7X4

Please include your name, address and email address in all your communications and state clearly the nature of your request. We will promptly address your communication and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Information We Need to Collect to Provide the Services You Request

In the ordinary course of business, we will request that you provide, and seek your consent to use, certain personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, car license number, credit card information and requested room type to enable us to process the reservation or transaction you request. In addition, other information may be requested and provided at your discretion. Any information that is collected during your visit with us, such as billing information or messages, are treated as confidential and respected according to our privacy policy.

How We Use Your Information

Reservation information and personal information provided by you will be used to provide hotel accommodations and related services you request, and to facilitate billing and collection. On occasion, we may use a third-party service provider to provide services such as mail-outs. As a result, these service providers would be provided with the personal information necessary to perform the requested service. Any service provider we use is prohibited from using the information for any purpose other than providing the service the Albert at Bay Suite Hotel requests. We prohibit the sale, transfer or sharing of personal information with any other third parties. We do not disclose your information for any other purpose without your consent, unless it is required by law.

Maintaining the Accuracy of Your Information

We make every reasonable effort to maintain the accuracy of all customer information and employ controls to make sure our records are accurate. If you become aware that information we maintain about you is inaccurate or if you would like to update your information, please let us know by contacting us as indicated at the beginning of this statement.

Securing Your Information

We are committed to securing the information you provide to us. We have deployed process and technology measures to provide reasonable assurance that your information is protected against misuse, loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. We take reasonable precautions to ensure that our staff does not disclose your information to anyone but you, so please bear with us as we verify your identity to provide room keys, messages or other information.

We encourage all of our guests to also be careful of their personal information in their travels, and would be pleased to help you dispose of sensitive information in our secure waste disposal facilities.

As previously stated, we respect your privacy expectations and will do our best to provide you with the information you need to address any questions or concerns. We encourage you to contact us directly with any issues you have with our procedures so that we may promptly address them.

How to Assess and Correct Information We Maintain About You

You may contact us to inquire about the personal information pertaining to you that is maintained by the Albert at Bay Suite Hotel by sending us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. An administrative charge may be levied if you request a copy of your information, as permitted by law.

Conducting Business With Us and Your Anonymity

For most transactions that you wish to conduct with us, it is not practical to operate on an anonymous basis.

If You Would Like Additional Information

Should you wish further information concerning your privacy rights in Canada, please visit the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner at , or call toll-free at 1-800-282-1376.

Opt-Out – It's Your Choice

Now that you know how we use and protect your personal information, please let us know if you do not wish to receive future related marketing mailings from the Albert at Bay Suite Hotel by informing the Front Desk, or sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sending a letter to the address listed at the beginning of this statement.